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Stata Conferences and Meetings Update

Between now and the end of the year, the annual Stata Conference in the United States will take place along with five other Stata meetings in countries around the world.

Stata conferences and meetings feature talks by both Stata users and Stata developers and provide an opportunity to help shape the future of Stata development by interacting with and providing feedback directly to StataCorp personnel.

The talks range from longer presentations by invited speakers to shorter talks demonstrating the use of Stata in a variety of fields. Some talks are statistical in nature while others focus on data management, graphics, or programming in Stata. New enhancements to Stata created both by users and by StataCorp are often featured in talks.

The full schedule of upcoming meetings is

2011 Mexican Stata Users Group meeting
May 12, 2011

2011 German Stata Users Group meeting
July 1, 2011

Stata Conference Chicago 2011
July 14–15, 2011

2011 UK Stata Users Group meeting
September 15–16, 2011

2011 Spanish Stata Users Group meeting
September 22, 2011

2011 Nordic and Baltic Stata Users Group meeting
November 11, 2011

Click on any meeting title for more information, including programs and registration information.

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  • There is much more to the Stata User’s Group meetings and the Stata Conferences than being able to influence future development. nnFor me an important advantage is that they are one of the very few successful interdisciplinary meetings. There is usually a difficult balance between welcoming people from various disciplines and having enough in common so there is something to talk about. At the Stata meetings the combination of really different disciplines (Economics, geography, medicine, to name a few) but a common interest in Stata makes for very interesting and productive conferences.nnOh, and if you like good food don’t miss the Italian meeting. Though, if I remember correctly, Bill Rising was not too convinced about the aloe vera flavored yoghurt.

  • Nice conference meetings. Amazing….