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Stata in the Cloud

As more organizations move their IT, data management, and data analysis needs to the Cloud, I often have to answer these questions:

  1. Can Stata run in the Cloud?
  2. Am I allowed to run my copy of Stata in the Cloud?
  3. What is the best setup for Stata in the Cloud?
  4. How does Stata perform in the Cloud?

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Big computers

We here at Stata are often asked to make recommendations on the “best” computer on which to run Stata, and such discussions sometimes pop up on Statalist. Of course, there is no simple answer, as it depends on the analyses a given user wishes to run, the size of their datasets, and their budget. And, we do not recommend particular computer or operating system vendors. Many manufacturers use similar components in their computers, and the choice of operating system comes down to personal preference of the user. We take pride in making sure Stata works well regardless of operating system and hardware configuration.

For some users, the analyses they wish to run are demanding, the datasets they have are huge, and their budgets are large. For these users, it is useful to know what kind of off-the-shelf hardware they can easily get their hands on. To give you an idea of what is available, HP makes a server with up to 1 TB of memory. Yes, 1 terabyte! This computer can be configured and ordered online at Read more…

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