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Calculating power using Monte Carlo simulations, part 1: The basics

Power and sample-size calculations are an important part of planning a scientific study. You can use Stata’s power commands to calculate power and sample-size requirements for dozens of commonly used statistical tests. But there are no simple formulas for more complex models such as multilevel/longitudinal models and structural equation models (SEMs). Monte Carlo simulations are one way to calculate power and sample-size requirements for complex models, and Stata provides all the tools you need to do this. You can even integrate your simulations into Stata’s power commands so that you can easily create custom tables and graphs for a range of parameter values. Read more…

Stata 13 ships June 24

There’s a new release of Stata. You can order it now, it starts shipping on June 24, and you can find out about it at

Well, we sure haven’t made that sound exciting when, in fact, Stata 13 is a big — we mean really BIG — release, and we really do want to tell you about it.

Rather than summarizing, however, we’ll send you to the website, which in addition to the standard marketing materials, has technical sheets, demonstrations, and even videos of the new features.

And all 11,000 pages of the manuals are now online.