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COVID-19 time-series data from Johns Hopkins University

In my last post, we learned how to import the raw COVID-19 data from the Johns Hopkins GitHub repository. This post will demonstrate how to convert the raw data to time-series data. We’ll also create some tables and graphs along the way. Read more…

Update to Import COVID-19 post

In my last post, I mentioned that I did not want to distribute my covid19.ado file because “it could be rendered useless if or when Johns Hopkins changes its data”. I wrote that on March 19, 2020, and the data changed on March 23, 2020. This will likely happen again (and again, and again …). I may post updates in the future as the data change, but you may need to adapt sooner than I can post. So let’s see how we can update our code to adapt to the changing data. Read more…

Import COVID-19 data from Johns Hopkins University

Like many of you, I am working from home and checking the latest news on COVID-19 frequently. I see a lot of numbers and graphs, so I looked around for the “official data”. One of the best data sources I have found is at the GitHub website for Johns Hopkins Whiting School of Engineering Center for Systems Science and Engineering. The data for each day are stored in a separate file, so I wrote a little Stata command called covid19 to download, combine, save, and graph these data. Read more…

Importing Facebook data into Stata

As of 2018, this command no longer works due to Facebook API restrictions.

In a previous post, we released a new command to import Twitter data into Stata. We have now added another new command, facebook2stata, that imports Facebook data. To install facebook2stata, type

net install, replace

Read more…

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Importing data with import fred


The Federal Reserve Economic Database (FRED), maintained by the Federal Reserve Bank of St. Louis, makes available hundreds of thousands of time-series measuring economic and social outcomes. The new Stata 15 command import fred imports data from this repository.

In this post, I show how to use import fred to import data from FRED. I also discuss some of the metadata that import fred provides that can be useful in data management. I then demonstrate how to use an advanced feature: importing multiple revisions of series whose observations are updated over time. Read more…

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Importing Twitter data into Stata

In the past, we’ve had users ask if Stata could import Twitter data. So we asked one of our interns, Dawson Deere (currently working on his computer science degree at Texas A&M University) to see if he could write a new command to do this. He used Stata 15’s improved Java plugins feature to write a new twitter2stata command. To install twitter2stata, type

ssc install twitter2stata, replace

Read more…

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Using import excel with real world data

Stata 12’s new import excel command can help you easily import real-world Excel files into Stata. Excel files often contain header and footer information in the first few and last few rows of a sheet, and you may not want that information loaded. Also, the column labels used in the sheet are invalid Stata variable names and therefore cannot be loaded. Both of these issues can be easily solved using import excel. Read more…

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