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Programming an estimation command in Stata: Preparing to write a plugin

This post is the first in a series that illustrates how to plug code written in another language (like C, C++, or Java) into Stata. This technique is known as writing a plugin or as writing a dynamic-link library (DLL) for Stata.

Plugins can be written for any task, including data management, graphical analysis, or statistical estimation. Per the theme of this series, I discuss plugins for estimation commands.

In this post, I discuss the tradeoffs of writing a plugin, and I discuss a simple program whose calculations I will replace with plugins in subsequent posts.

This is the 29th post in the series Programming an estimation command in Stata. See Programming an estimation command in Stata: A map to posted entries for a map to all the posts in this series. Read more…

Importing Facebook data into Stata

In a previous post, we released a new command to import Twitter data into Stata. We have now added another new command, facebook2stata, that imports Facebook data. To install facebook2stata, type

net install, replace

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