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Just released from Stata Press: Environmental Econometrics Using Stata

Stata Press is pleased to announce the release of Environmental Econometrics Using Stata by Christopher F. Baum and Stan Hurn.

Christopher F. Baum and Stan Hurn’s latest book is written for applied researchers that want to understand the basic theory of modern statistical methods and how to use them. It is also perfectly suited for teaching. Each chapter is motivated with real data and ends with a set of exercises. This well-written, well-organized book is also inherently interdisciplinary.

Each chapter begins with a real dataset and research question. The authors then provide an introduction to the statistical method and demonstrate how to use it to answer the research question. The authors discuss the assumptions about the data and the model, demonstrate the Stata commands used to fit the model and check the model assumptions, and interpret the results. The workflow of the book mimics the workflow that would be required to present your results to an academic audience.

Because of its combination of basic theory and detailed, worked examples, this book is an ideal textbook for students or a reference for applied researchers, including economics professors and applied economists who work with environmental data, researchers who study environmental policy, and legal scholars who need to understand the methods used to study environmental issues.

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