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Stata for Mac with Apple Silicon

Update (14 January 2021): Stata’s Apple Silicon support has been fully tested on M1 Macs and is no longer in beta.

Update (23 November 2020): We stated earlier that nonuniversal versions of Stata/MP would not run on Macs with Apple Silicon. This was based on our experience with attempting to run a nonuniversal version of Stata/MP on an Apple developers kit that contained an A14 SOC (system on chip) instead of an M1 SOC. However, we have since obtained a production Mac Mini with an M1 SOC and have found that nonuniversal versions of Stata/MP will in fact run on Macs with Apple Silicon.

Apple has announced the first set of Macs that are transitioning to Apple Silicon. Apple claims that Macs with Apple Silicon promise better performance and longer battery life than the previous generations of Macs. This will be of great interest to our Stata-for-Mac users, many of whom use Mac laptops.

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Stata support for Apple Silicon

Apple recently announced that it will be transitioning from Intel processors to its own ARM architecture processors currently being called Apple Silicon. Stata has a long history of supporting Macs, which includes the transitions from Motorola to PowerPC processors, from MacOS Classic to MacOS X, and from PowerPC to Intel processors. We will be working to support the new Macs as they transition from Intel processors to Apple Silicon and will continue our support of Macs with Intel processors as well.

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