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  • Arliiina

    I need to create a one-observation variable that is the addition of another variableu00a0 (many observations) cathegorized by a third variable. How do I do that?

  • lama

    Is there a command or a module in stata to find the slope of a univariate time series?

  • stuart

    I am trying to create a dissimilarity matrix for 11 variables, but stata says “too few variables specified.” Surely 11 variables is not below a miniumum. Thanks

  • If I understand correctly, the eigenaxes and eigenvalues describe the amount and direction of compression/expansion.

    I find myself wondering what the universe of possible transformations looks like – rotation, reflection, fixed translation/shift etc., and how one could describe any linear transformation as a composition of those.

  • erichernandez88

    Hello? can someone answer my question? Im getting this ERROR message after going to the postestimation and prediction part for creating a regression line

    . predict predicted wage, xb

    wage already defined


  • HELP


    How can I specify multiple sheet names in an append loop. For instance if I want to append monthly from 2010.xls? month from 2011 xls and monthtomonth from 2012.xls

  • Samuel Obeng

    I am trying to run bayerhanck combined cointegration test but I keep receiving the error below:

    file c:adoplus/b/NullDistr.dta not found

    Any help?