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5 things to do at the 2015 Stata Conference in Columbus

The Stata Conference connects you with the best and the brightest of the Stata community, offering a variety of presentations from Stata users and StataCorp experts. This year’s conference will be held July 30-31, 2015, in Columbus, Ohio, and is open to all Stata users wishing to attend.


With the conference just around the corner, we want to suggest a few things to do that will help maximize your experience.

  1. Come early and network.

    Between 8:00 and 8:50 a.m., the smell of fresh coffee will be in the air: a continental breakfast will be served just outside the meeting room. Take this time to grab a bite to eat and get acquainted with the other guests.

    Don’t forget to swing by our registration table and say hello to long-time StataCorp employees Chris Farrar, Gretchen Farrar, and Nathan Bishop. They will hand you a conference packet that includes information on the schedule, abstracts, and more.

  2. Browse our display of Stata Press books.

    Discover which books you want to add to your collection by flipping through the pages of our best-selling books on Stata. Stop by, and learn how Stata Conference attendees receive a 20% discount for all online purchases through October 2, 2015.

  3. Connect with the Stata community.

    The Stata community is full of users from all disciplines, including people you may have met online but would like to meet in person — people such as Stata expert Nick Cox from Statalist and the Stata Journal or StataCorp’s own enthusiastic Director of Econometrics, David Drukker, and Head of Development, Bill Gould.

    Want to start socializing now? Follow @Stata on Twitter and join the conversation. Throughout the conference, we will be live tweeting using the conference hashtag #stata2015. Post tidbits of the presentations you find interesting, and share any pictures you take. If you aren’t on Twitter, look for us on Facebook or LinkedIn.

    Many attendees are well known in their field, and even more have been using Stata for over 10 years. Take a moment to talk to the people around you, and share your story and how you use Stata.

  4. Join us for dinner.

    An optional dinner will be held at Due Amici on Thursday, July 30, at 6:30 p.m. The dinner is a perfect opportunity to interact with presenters and fellow Stata users. Seating is limited, so please register in advance.

  5. Stay for the “Wishes and grumbles” session.

    The conference program concludes with the user-favorite “Wishes and grumbles” session, where users have a chance to share their comments and suggestions directly with developers from StataCorp. Attend this session to hear which new features other users would like to see, or give us some ideas of your own. This session is sure to be lively, especially with feedback regarding our most recent release — Stata 14.

If you haven’t registered yet, head over to our website now for more details.

We look forward to seeing you there!

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