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StataCorp’s Author Support Program—Publish with confidence

Are you writing a book featuring Stata programs or output? We’re here to help! We know you want your book to be modern and accurate in all aspects, including any portions that discuss and demonstrate Stata. That’s why we created the Author Support Program—a program that gives you direct access to Stata experts who will review all the Stata-related content in your book to make sure it is accurate, up to date, and reflective of best practices.

StataCorp’s Author Support Program is a complimentary service that offers a range of valuable resources to enhance your book’s Stata content.

  • Expert code and output review
    Our skilled Stata professionals will meticulously review your Stata code and output, ensuring that they are efficient and reflect modern usage.
  • Hassle-free formatting
    Our Stata production specialists will assist you in formatting the Stata output and graphs that you include into your book.
  • Content review
    Our Stata experts and statisticians will ensure the accuracy of all Stata-related content.

Your Stata contact
Upon enrollment, you’ll be paired with a dedicated Stata professional who will serve as your primary point of contact. Your contact will leverage their deep understanding of Stata as well as extensive resources and knowledge of internal projects to provide support that goes beyond expectations. From advice on fine-tuning Stata code to formatting output and graphs for the best presentation style, your contact will provide suggestions on using Stata in the most effective way and will be your trusted partner in your publication journey.

Tips for a smooth process
If you already have a publisher, the first step is to let your editor know that you plan to use our Author Support Program.

Then, as you complete chapters or sections of your book, you can send the text, do-files, and datasets to your Stata contact. Sending content a bit at a time tends to create the best workflow and allows us to give you feedback in the most timely manner, but if you have already completed the entire book, you may also send it all at once.

As you write, feel free to email your Stata contact with any questions you have about the use of Stata in your book.

Make your book shine
With our feedback in hand, you can update your book to show the best possible Stata code, graphs, and output. You’re in control of your book, and our program is designed to empower, not impede, your publishing journey.

Join the Author Support Program today
We invite authors from all disciplines to join the Author Support Program. Whether you’re a seasoned author or new to the world of publishing, we’re here to support you along the way.

To join StataCorp’s Author Support Program or learn more about the program’s comprehensive benefits, visit our website to complete the Author enrollment form.

We have a similar program structured for editors. To learn more about the StataCorp’s Editor Support Program, please visit our website.