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Importing Twitter data into Stata

In the past, we’ve had users ask if Stata could import Twitter data. So we asked one of our interns, Dawson Deere (currently working on his computer science degree at Texas A&M University) to see if he could write a new command to do this. He used Stata 15’s improved Java plugins feature to write a new twitter2stata command. To install twitter2stata, type

ssc install twitter2stata, replace

Once installed, you can do the following

  • Import tweets based on a search string
  • . twitter2stata searchtweets "search_string"
  • Import user data using a search string
  • . twitter2stata searchusers "search_string"
  • Import a specfic user’s data
  • . twitter2stata getuser "userId_or_userName"
  • Import lists, likes, following, and followers user data
  • . twitter2stata likes "userId_or_userName"
    . twitter2stata following "userId_or_userName"
    . twitter2stata followers "userId_or_userName"
    . twitter2stata lists "userId_or_userName"
  • Import data about a specific list
  • . twitter2stata listusers "listId_or_listName"
    . twitter2stata listtweets "listId_or_listName"

The main purpose of this post is to show you how to get the twitter2stata command working in Stata. Below are the steps you must take.

  1. To use this command, you must have a Twitter account. If you don’t have one, you can create one here.

  2. Twitter limits the amount of data you can download. For the best rate limits, you must create a Twitter app. To do this, login to the Twitter website, and go to https://apps.twitter.com.

    You should see


  3. Click on the Create New App button. You will see


  4. There are three fields you must fill in: Name, Description, and Website. The name of the application must be unique. You might have to try a few times to find a unique Twitter application name. Once you have filled in the form, click on Create your Twitter Application. Next, click on the Key and Access Tokens tab.


  5. Click on the Create my access token button to generate your access token and access token secret. You will see


  6. You will need to copy the

    • Consumer Key (API Key)
    • Consumer Secret (API Secret)
    • Access Token
    • Access Token Secret

    and paste them into a do-file, for example,

    local consumer_key "xWNlx*N9vESv0ZZBtGdm7fVB"
    local consumer_secret "7D25oVzWeDCHrUlQcp9929@GOcnqWCuUKhDel"
    local access_token "74741598400768-3hAYpZbiDvABPizx5lk57B8CTVyfa"
    local access_token_secret "7HjDf25oVzDWAeDCHrUlQcpfNGOTzcnqWCuUKhDel"

    Be sure not to share these with anybody else.

In the same do-file, add the command

twitter2stata setaccess "`consumer_key'" "`consumer_secret'" ///
      "`access_token'" "`access_token_secret'"

to initialize these settings for twitter2stata. If you don’t use twitter2stata setaccess … before each twitter2stata session, you will recieve the error below.

. twitter2stata searchtweets "star wars", numtweets(10)
access token and access token secret not set.
Run twitter2stata setaccess to set your access token and access token secret.

My do-file is now

local consumer_key "xWNlx*N9vESv0ZZBtGdm7fVB"
local consumer_secret "7D25oVzWeDCHrUlQcp9929@GOcnqWCuUKhDel"
local access_token "74741598400768-3hAYpZbiDvABPizx5lk57B8CTVyfa"
local access_token_secret "7HjDf25oVzDWAeDCHrUlQcpfNGOTzcnqWCuUKhDel"

twitter2stata setaccess "`consumer_key'" "`consumer_secret'" ///
     "`access_token'" "`access_token_secret'"
twitter2stata searchtweets "star wars", numtweets(10)
list user_screen_name user_follower_count user_friend_count, abbreviate(20)

When I run the do-file, I get

. twitter2stata searchtweets "star wars", numtweets(10)
(45 vars, 10 obs)

. list user_screen_name user_follower_count user_friend_count, abbreviate(20)

     | user_screen_name   user_follower_count   user_friend_count |
  1. |            024AB                  1297                1077 |
  2. |     StarWarsTime                  2040                1213 |
  3. |      LockerGnome                 24577                 976 |
  4. |           CMG_HD                     8                  35 |
  5. |   dilnyminic1986                     4                  30 |
  6. |     StarWarsTime                  2040                1213 |
  7. |   emimsohood1975                     3                   8 |
  8. |  Dan_NinjaRabbit                   712                2252 |
  9. |  KatelynLunsford                    13                  38 |
 10. |        PudseyMac                   335                 444 |

Again, there are limits to the amount of data Twitter will let you import. These limits are subcommand specific and limit the number of calls you can make to Twitter’s REST API every 15 minutes. Click here, to see a chart of all the data rate limits.

You can read the full details of twitter2stata‘s functionality in its help file after installing it. Dawson was able to write this command using Stata 15’s improved Java API together with Java library Twitter4J. In a later post, I will discuss how he went about developing this command and show you how easy it is to write Java code for Stata.

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  • It’s not clear to me how to import all tweets from a specified user?

    Thanks, Chris.

  • Kevin Crow

    The Java API we used to develop this command has a lot of
    functionality we did not implement (because of time). We will look into adding the subcommand twitter2stata tweets userID_userName in the next few weeks before Dawson leaves.

  • Narendra Singh

    I am not able to use this with Stata 14. Is there any way to use this command in Stata14?

  • Kevin Crow

    This command only works with Stata 15. My next post will show you how to write this command using Java, which should help anyone wanting to write a version for Stata 14.

  • Kevin Crow

    We have updated the command to add this subcommand. Type

    ssc install twitter2stata, replace

    to get the latest version.

  • Tatyana Deryugina

    FYI, when I do that, I get the error “file c:adoplusjarsttwitter.jar already exists”

  • Kevin Crow

    Make sure you use the replace option.

    ssc install twitter2stata, replace

  • kaum

    Is there any docmentation how I can access any password-protected databvase via REST API with Stata? I see that you are able to put forward access tokens. I would like to talk to my own database that is password protected. I tested -jsonio- and it does not work how I want.

  • Kiara Nathulal

    Good Evening,
    I do apologize for the following comment as it has no connection with the current published article however, if someone would kindly assist me.

    I am a student currently pursuing a degree in actuarial science and to do so, i need to make use of Stata, however due to financial constraints i can not afford to purchase the program.

    I am publishing with the inquiry ti find out if perhaps there is a student version available to use? or possibly a Trial version where finances will not limit me.

    Please kindly advise.

  • Kevin Crow

    We don’t have any documentation on how to do it because each REST API is different. Stata is fully programmable so you should be able to connect to any database. Also, you might want to look at odbc to import your data.

  • LuigiC

    Good afternoon,
    I keep getting this error message after I type, following your example,

    ” twitter2stata searchtweets “star wars”, numtweets(10)”

    could not complete query
    400:The request was invalid. An accompanying error message will explain why. This is the status code will be returned during version 1.0 r
    > ate limiting(https://dev.twitter.com/pages/rate-limiting). In API v1.1, a request without authentication is considered invalid and you will
    > get this response.
    message – Bad Authentication data.
    code – 215

    Any suggestion how to deal with that? Before that point, everything was ok (i.e., the “local” part as well as the “twitter2stata setaccess” part).

  • Kevin Crow

    I have not seen this error before. You might try generating new access tokens from the twitter app website and then using them with twitter2stata setaccess. If that does not work, email in to tech-support@stata.com and I can send you debug code.

  • Kevin Crow

    You will have to contact our sales department about these issues. They can help you with these questions.

  • LuigiC

    solved the issue! Thanks! Luigi

  • Billy Bass

    JSONIO has no authentication methods associated with it. When you use it with a URL it is using a simple URL class in Java to make the GET request and stream the content back, where it is parsed using the Jackson JSON library. With Stata 15 it is possible to store Java objects in strL types, which could provide a way of persisting authentication objects in the dataset (they could then be subsequently used to make requests to APIs that require authentication of some sort).

    Another option you may want to consider is to look at the Python integration work that has taken place which would allow you to leverage Python to handle the authentication and requests and then could use Stata from there to process your data.

  • Arnaud

    Hi, we are trying to use twitter2stata but we are behind a non-transparent firewall. Is there a way to make it work? Ie. make it follow the http proxy we have for web browsing or better make it use the Stata proxy setting ?