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New FAQs about customizable tables are here!

The new table features introduced in Stata 17 and Stata 18 have made it easy to create and customize tables of descriptive statistics, regression results, and more. These powerful features became popular among our users very soon after they were introduced, and we often get questions from users who want to know how to accomplish specific customizations for their tables. To provide our community with more learning resources, we carefully selected some of the questions that we answered frequently, and turned them into a series of example-enriched FAQs: Read more…

Creating tables of descriptive statistics in Stata 18: The new dtable command

In Stata 17, we introduced the new collect suite of commands for creating and customizing tables and the etable command for easily creating and exporting a table of estimation results. Stata 18 offers another new command, dtable, that easily builds and exports a table of descriptive statistics, often called Table 1 in publications. Now generating tables of descriptive statistics for both categorical and continuous variables is easier than ever. It is worth mentioning that the twin commands etable and dtable are both built on the collect framework we introduced in Stata 17, so they share a lot of properties.

In this post, I’ll demonstrate how to create and export simple tables of descriptive statistics and more complex ones that display statistics by group, test for differences across groups, and more. I will also show how you can use the collect suite of commands to further customize the look of your tables and how to include tables created with dtable in complete reports.

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