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Just released from Stata Press: A Visual Guide to Stata Graphics, Fourth Edition

Stata Press is pleased to announce the release of A Visual Guide to Stata Graphics, Fourth Edition by Michael N. Mitchell. This book debuted as Kindle’s #1 New Release in the category Mathematical & Statistical and continues to appear on Kindle’s best-seller list in numerous categories, including Educational Software and Education Statistics. Read more…

Graphs, maps, and geocoding

Jim Hufford, Esq. had his first Stata lesson: “This is going to be awesome when I understand what all those little letters and things mean.”

Along those lines—awesome—Jim may want to see these nice Stata scatterplots from the “wannabe economists of the Graduate Institute of International and Development Studies in Geneva” at Rigotnomics.

If you want to graph data onto maps using Stata—and see another awesome graph—see Mitch Abdon’s “Fun with maps in Stata” over at the Stata Daily.

And if you’re interested in geocoding to obtain latitudes and longitudes from human-readable addresses or locations, see Adam Ozimek’s “Computers are taking our jobs: Stata nerds only edition” over at Modeled Behavior and see the related Stata Journal article “Stata utilities for geocoding and generating travel time and travel distance information” by Adam Ozimek and Daniel Miles.