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Stata 13 ships June 24

There’s a new release of Stata. You can order it now, it starts shipping on June 24, and you can find out about it at www.stata.com/stata13/.

Well, we sure haven’t made that sound exciting when, in fact, Stata 13 is a big — we mean really BIG — release, and we really do want to tell you about it.

Rather than summarizing, however, we’ll send you to the website, which in addition to the standard marketing materials, has technical sheets, demonstrations, and even videos of the new features.

And all 11,000 pages of the manuals are now online.

  • D. Lucido

    I have to say I’m disappointed by what is not in the new release of Stata. I was hoping to see more options for the control of output. None of Stata’s output other than Graphs can be described as “camera ready” or publication quality. Anything I produce for Journal publication has to be manually redone by a medical illustrator before it is ready to be published. Individual users have made attempts to supplement Stata’s internal commands with TeX translators but they are generally limited and unsatisfactory. What is needed is the ability to capture output directly into a PDF, RTF ,etc. file with font and format control and perhaps style templates.

  • Marcos Robles

    I found a bug in Stata 13. Options for predict “te” and “ps” after psmatch teffects generate variables with the same values​​. “te” is fine, but “ps” is not fine

  • We have looked into this, and cannot reproduce the reported behavior. The example at the bottom of -help teffects postestimation- shows both a treatment effect prediction and propensity score prediction after -teffects psmatch-. If you run the example, you will find that the values are different.

    If you have an example which can reproduce the behavior you described, please contact Stata Technical Services as described at http://www.stata.com/support/tech-support/ .

  • GVR

    I’m a big fan of Stata and recommend it to all my grad students, except for one feature: it’s striking inability in import/export data files from SPSS and SAS. In this day and age, it seems crazy that Stata still requires its customers to buy a separate program, Stat/Transfer for $300, just to do the basic job of opening a file from another program. As far as I can tell, Stata 13 continues to have this aggravating limitation. Any chance StataCorp will change this in the years ahead?

  • Bruce

    SAS can now import and export Stata files directly.