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Export tabulation results to Excel—Update

It’s summer time, which means we have interns working at StataCorp again. Our newest intern, Chris Hassell, was tasked with updating my community-contributed command tab2xl with most of the suggestions that blog readers left in the comments. Chris updated tab2xl and wrote tab2docx, which writes a tabulation table to a Word file using the putdocx command.

To install or update your tab2xl command, type

. net install http://www.stata.com/users/kcrow/tab2xl, replace

To install the new tab2docx command, type

. net install http://www.stata.com/users/kcrow/tab2docx

tab2xl now allows weights, if, in, formatting of the cells, and two-way tabulations. Once installed, you can type

. sysuse auto, clear
(1978 Automobile Data)

. tab2xl rep78 foreign in 1/50 [fweight=mpg] using testfile, col(1) row(1)
file testfile.xlsx saved

to produce

To write the table to a Word document, you must first open a .docx file using the command putdocx begin, type your tab2docx command to append the table to your file, and then save the document using putdocx save filename. For example, typing

. sysuse auto, clear
(1978 Automobile Data)

. putdocx begin

. tab2docx rep78 in 1/50 [fweight=mpg]

. putdocx save testfile.docx

will produce

Chris did an excellent job updating tab2xl and coding tab2docx, making it easier for you to create tables for inclusion in a Word file.