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How to create animated graphics using Stata


Today I want to show you how to create animated graphics using Stata. It’s easier than you might expect and you can use animated graphics to illustrate concepts that would be challenging to illustrate with static graphs. In addition to Stata, you will need a video editing program but don’t be concerned if you don’t have one. At the 2012 UK Stata User Group Meeting Robert Grant demonstrated how to create animated graphics from within Stata using a free software program called FFmpeg. I will show you how I create my animated graphs using Camtasia and how Robert creates his using FFmpeg.

I recently recorded a video for the Stata Youtube channel called “Power and sample size calculations in Stata: A conceptual introduction“. I wanted to illustrate two concepts: (1) that statistcal power increases as sample size increases, and (2) as effect size increases. Both of these concepts can be illustrated with a static graph along with the explanation “imagine that …”. Creating animated graphs allowed me to skip the explanation and just show what I meant.



Creating the graphs

Videos are illusions. All videos — from Charles-Émile Reynaud’s 1877 praxinoscope to modern blu-ray movies — are created by displaying a series of ordered still images for a fraction of a second each. Our brains perceive this series of still images as motion.

To create the illusion of motion with graphs, Read more…

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